About U S Rail

USRC is a short-line railroad operator and provides a variety of value-added rail transportation services. We currently operate a railroad in Indiana, The Winomac and Southern. We are aggressively growing our presence in other markets. In addition, we provide a variety of rail logisitics services: transloading, private industrial rail car switching, track maintenance services, rail car repair, and rail car storage.

Our management team regards customer service and marketing the two most important characteristics of our business. Our marketing approach is aggressive and expands beyond the immediate rail corridor to include customers utilizing the company's rail-to-truck transfer facilities.

Our customer service is among the best in the industry. We use the most up to date electronics systems, aggressively working to promote industrial development, and promote customer opportunities through our sales group.

We offer excellent service by combining a dedicated, professional workforce with a management team that is second to none in operating freight railroads. We operate each of our railroads as a seperate division. They are supported by local staff, customer service, marketing, mechanical and operations. We provide extensive corporate support in customer service, national account marketing, local marketing support, industrial developement and employee safety.

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